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Volunteer Internship Amman Jordan

Volunteer and Internship Opportunity in Amman, Jordan

Volunteer Internship Amman JordanShams Community is looking for applicants that are unique with strong leadership skills. Knowledge in the Arabic and/or the English language is required. Additionally, we are seeking applicants ready and able to commit to working for at least 3 months but preference will be given to applicants who can commit 6-12 months of volunteer work with our organization.

It is expected that all volunteers fulfill all of the following specifications:

Excellent communication skills
Team Worker
Fast learner

We are looking for individuals with a background/interests in the following areas below. Please note that we will tailor the volunteership according to the volunteer’s skill sets and lines between tasks are fluid. We always take into account our volunteers’ interests when assigning tasks:

1.Web Development.

2.Content Management and Social Media.

3.Fundraising .

4.Leadership/Project Management.

5.Teaching/Skill-building : including Social Innovation and entrepreneurship,English speaking practice, public speaking, and leadership, storytelling.

6. People interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship.

If you feel that you can contribute to our organization in some other way, please let us know! We are open to ideas.

Working Environment:

At Shams Community we work as a small social start up. We are committed towards the development, implementation and constant improvement of our projects. The timing of work is flexible and comfortable. We work in one small team which trust and respect each other while having an enjoyable time together. The most prominent characteristic of our working environment is the ability to comfortably exchange an array of ideas with the team collectively reaching decisions so as to promote learning and development of every single one of our team and beneficiaries.

Volunteer Life and Housing :

Shams Community provide a comfortable and happy environment for volunteers, Housing will be provided for our full-time volunteers and an open communal space is available for all purposes In Jabal Amman, end of Rainbow street, only 7 min walking to Downtown. mostly every place you need to see is walk-able, our space and the house located next to each other, It is a lovely authentic place to walk and to see the old Amman architecture. In addition we can provide an Arabic language support For those who learn Arabic language, we can provide a language partner with and a perfect opportunity of daily verbal language practice with local people, cultural guidance, and guided excursions around Jordan.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request training/classes for any skills or experience you are looking to gain. We will discuss your request and if possible we will find a way to accommodate your needs. Please note that volunteers will be responsible for covering the cost of travel and living expenses in Jordan while we can offer food for the volunteers sometimes.

About Shams Community: #Shams is a youth community that trains and empowers young people by giving them the opportunities to bring a positive change to society,Shams works to empower and develop our community’s youth and give them tools that can bring about positive change to Jordan. We aim to guide the passions and skills of youth into constructive and creative community solutions and to create emerging leaders in Jordan to tackle our community’s development challenges.

Right now we are running two projects, one of them is a school for social innovation and entrepreneurship, The second project is a social kitchen where people come together to share their inspiration and passion through designed cooking experience, we love cooking and how people are so connected through food and the culture that comes with it!

We about to launch another several project next year one of projects is an English speaking club to help young people to improve their English speaking skills.

This opportunity is perfect for people interested in middle east, have a entrepreneurial mindset and prefer to work with a small team and big impact.

feel free to write to as if you still have any qouestions or concerns.

To Apply Please send your CV or Short bio to :

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