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Antalya, Turkey

Volunteer in a Nature Project in Lisinia, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey


We are an independent nature project located in a very idyllic area in the south west of Turkey just a few hours away from Antalya. We run the project with the help of Turkish and international volunteers who all live on the farm and participate our ongoing projects.


-10 lakes has been dried up due to global warming, livestock and incorrect watering methods in Region of Lakes(around Burdur). There will be more dried lakes in close future due to the reduction in amount of rain (%10-20), regionally fastly growing livestock facilities, incorrect watering methods and global warming.
-It is vital to use efficient watering methods to save water, growing low water consuming or non water consuming plants, raising awareness about this issues. This precautions should be applied as soon as possible in order to prevent of losing water sources and prevent climate threads.
-The Lisinia Project that I established, is 10 years old now. In this time we started planting non-water consuming plants (Lavender) and low water consuming plants (Rose). Together with that we started to produce and sell ecologically certificated rose water, rose oil, lavender water, lavender oil and dried lavender with a brand name called Lisinia and Lisinia Polydorion.
-Lavenders have been cultivated without using any water. Roses have been cultivated with water drip irrigation
system and consumed 75% less water compared to corn and clover. Products have been processed in Lisinia Project area by distillation and drying methods. These products will be used as a financial source to maintain Lisinia Nature Project, the project does not accept any financial support, donation and grant since its establishment in 2005.

**–In July and August 2015, we will be mainly focusing on working in newly created lavender gardens and harvesting the old ones together with other ongoing projects that we mentioned below. So we are looking for help from volunteers who would like to contribute for nature, sustainable living and ecologic and healthy productions. **

Some of our current ongoing projects are:
-Wildlife Rehabilitation Center; mainly predatory birds. Thou in the history of our animal shelter there has been Boars, Dogs, Cats, Wolves, Fox and many other animal species
– Organic Seed Bank and Local Plant Genetics Preservation Project
– Anti Cancer Project
– Education on Ecological and Sustainable Living
– Environment Protection and Rehabilitation of Lake Burdur and nearby Lakes
– Re-creating Traditional Rose/Lavender Plantations and Rose/Lavender Oil and Water Production
– Organic (Chemical-Free) Farm Products

We welcome anyone and everyone to come and join the ever growing family. Families, backpackers and groups are welcomed with open arms in to a warm, friendly, community styled atmosphere. As we are in the rural areas of Turkey and some kilometers away from the nearest city or village we do everything together here. All meals are eaten together round the dinner table, prepared by the volunteers or on some occasions a staff member. On our days off you can choose from staying on the farm to explore the surrounding areas or head in to town to experience the market and explore what Burdur has to offer.

A place to sleep and full board is provided in exchange for help in various projects. Working hours and days are defined, it is also up to the volunteers to participate in any ongoing work. Internet is available everywhere on the farm.

Official webpage:

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