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Ultimate Secret Travel Hacks

Travel Like a Warrior With My Ultimate Secret Hacks

Ultimate Secret Travel Hacks

People travel to unwind, but the process leading up to an escape is anything but relaxing. I’m talking about the long and tiring process of finding and booking the perfect flight, deciding what to bring and packing it just right, and let’s not even mention the plane ride… But I’m here to tell you there’s a better way! Below you’ll find some tips and tricks that will keep the panic away and have you setting sail, stress free.

Ultimate Secret Travel Hacks

Planning Stages

Be a Ninja and Keep Booking Sites in the Dark: Did you know that travel sites track your cookies so that they can tell how many times you’ve visited? The more times you visit, the more likely they are to jack up the prices. Good for them, bad for you! So be sure to either clear your cookies before searching or use the incognito function on your browser in Chrome. Pages that you view in “incognito” won’t be in your cookie store or browsing history; the sites won’t know you’ve visited before and prices won’t be affected. Et voila!

Round Trips aren’t always Cheaper: You need to check all your options. If you can’t find a round trip ticket within your budget, check different airlines for their one-way ticket prices. There’s no rule that says you have to fly back on the same airline. Think of it as an airline ‘one night stand’!

Plan ahead…or Procrastinate, either works: you just don’t want to book in the space of time when everyone else will be booking. That means, book your trip way in advance, as in either more than six months ahead, or last minute! There are tons of last minute travel deal websites, so if you’re flexible, you can use this to your advantage.

Create a New Holiday and Call it ‘Travel Tuesday’: Yes, ‘Travel Tuesday’ is a thing. The best flight deals are found on Tuesday afternoons. Take advantage and book your trip on this otherwise, very non-exciting day of the week.

The Early Bird Gets the… Best Flight? If you hate a rocky plane ride like I do, you’ll suck it up and catch a super early flight. There is less turbulence in the a.m. hours because more storms occur in the afternoons. On the plus side, you’ll get a cheaper ticket, because let’s face it, most people like hitting the snooze button a couple of times. Ya, you know who you are…

Ultimate Secret Travel Hacks

Pack Smart

Don’t Fold, Just Roll: Neat freaks love nicely folded clothes. Travel hackers love nicely rolled clothes because rolling actually saves you tons of space in your luggage! Plus it’s cool and hardly anyone does it…

Stuff your Shoes! Filling Your Shoe Spaces is gold when you’re traveling and every little bit saved helps. So here’s another space saving travel hack. Stuff your socks (or anything else for that matter) into your shoes. You’ll save a bit of space and keep your shoes from flattening out in your suitcase.

Use a Pill box to Organize Your Jewelry: Tired of losing jewelry and getting knotted necklaces and bracelets? A Pillbox is an easy fix. You can use a weekly pill box organizer to separate your jewelry into seven different compartments, or just use a small one to keep everything in one place.

Keep You Bag Bottom Heavy: Pack your heaviest things first and closest to the bottom part of your bag. This will keep your bag from continuously tipping over and hitting you and other travelers. No tripping over your suitcase, no dirty stares from fellow passengers, no airport fights. You’re welcome!

Don’t Pack Light, Pack Dark! (Pun intended): Dark clothes are easy to coordinate, so you don’t spend your whole vacation trying to figure out what to wear. Because guess what, it all goes together and can be washed together! You’ll also be less worried about getting dirty or spilling. Stains and dirt are way less noticeable on dark clothes than they are on lights. So in this case, it’s perfectly OK to join the ‘Dark Side’.

BYOMBB: Bring your own mini booze bottles. This one’s for you experienced drinkers out there! (Which is the politically correct way of referring to Alcoholics obviously) It is absolutely OK for you to take alcohol through security as long as you stick to the mini 3 ounces bottle or less rule. I guess less really is more!

Organize Cords In a Glasses Case: So many cords, so much stress! They get everywhere, get tangled, and oh no…they get lost. Stop stressing over these tangly beasts. Calmly wrap each cord individually around your hand to form a sort of lasso, and slide into a glasses case. Tangly cord missile crisis averted!

Bring a Refillable Bottle: You won’t be able to take a full bottle of water through security at an airport, but you can bring an empty bottle. Keep an empty bottle with you so that you can refill it at water fountains and avoid paying 3000$ for water at the airport. OK I may have exaggerated the price a bit, but still, the cost of water at airports is kinda ridiculous, don’t you think??

Plastic Wraps to the Rescue: If you place a bit of plastic wrap on all your liquids and lotion tops before capping them, you’ll have almost 100% less spillage to worry about. No more crying over spilled… lotion 😉

Ultimate Secret Travel Hacks

Safety Matters

Keep a Digital Backup: Keep a Scanned copy of all your travel documents and visas in an email to yourself. That way, if anything important is stolen or lost, at least you’ll have a copy of all your information. Your copies should be stored in an email or a cloud somewhere so that you’ll have access to it from any computer. And no, your Facebook profile doesn’t count.

Hide Cash in Empty Lip Balm Tubes: Wanna feel like 007? Clean out an empty lip balm tube and stuff your dineros in it. Now you’ve got a nifty way to hide cash and valuables from pickpockets and thieves. Good guys: 1 -Criminals: 0

Ultimate Secret Travel Hacks

At the Airport

Stay Left for some reason: the security check to the far left usually has fewer people in line. There’s just something about the human brain that makes us want to swipe, err I mean go right. And like the Loch Ness Monster and the Bermuda Triangle, it’s just one of life’s great mysteries. Anyways stay left and save time.

Paparazzi Your Luggage: Take a picture of your bags while you are checking in. If they get lost, you’ll have proof that you actually did check in what you say you did. And yes, you can make it a selfie… Jeez!

Ultimate Secret Travel Hacks

At the Hotel

Look for a USB outlet: Forgot your charger for the 30th time?! No worries, your hotel TV is here to save the day. Plug your phone into the USB port and power up. Lots of hotels are including USB ports in their power outlets these days so don’t forget to look for those too! There’s nothing wrong with being a USB port leech.

I hope you find these travel hacks useful and start enjoying travel stress free! Can you think of any other travel hacks? Please share them with us in the comments below…

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