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Traveling Nomad

Travel Nomads… Look for the Signs!

travel Nomads

travel Nomads

Ever get the feeling that you could be a nomadic traveler, but you’re not quite sure? Here are 25 signs to look out for:

1-You can fit your whole life in a suitcase which you’re able to pack within the hour.

2-You can make friends anywhere in the world, but being on your own is also perfectly fine.

3-The first thing that pops through your mind when you see mainstream tourists is “man… you don’t know what you’re missing!

4-As soon as you get to a new city, the first thing you do is map-out every location in your vicinity that has free Wi-Fi.

5-You’re always willing to try strange looking food, at least once.

6-You actually have your passport number memorized.

7-You develop a fetish for cheap spicy street food.

8-While traveling you cook your own meals, wash your own dishes, and even consider washing your own laundry, even though this would be an unimaginable notion back home.

9-More than half of your Facebook friends list includes people with strange exotic names from all around the world.

10-You mastered the art of airport maneuvering. In fact quiet often you start taking off your belt as soon as you hit the security check queue.

11-It takes you about…10 seconds to answer the question “so where do you live?”

12-You know how to say “Cheers” in 10 languages.

13-You don’t mind taking the longer route as long as it’s cheaper and you have a couple of movies downloaded on your tablet.

14-Having a room to yourself becomes a distant memory. In fact it actually feels strange when you find yourself alone in a dorm room.

15-You’re never really sure what day it is. I mean who cares right?! Every day’s a holiday!

16-Unlike everyone else in your life, you don’t seem to think buying a house is the best investment. If you actually had the choice you’d be living in a hotel room.

17-You always look at souvenirs but never buy them. In fact the only thing you consider buying are hand-made bracelets from every country you visit.

18-Your next trip almost always includes visiting people that you met on your last one. You always find yourself having a place to crash in every continent.

19-Every time you watch a travel show on TV, you think to yourself “oh man, I need to find me a job like that!!”

20-Even though you’re not a huge fan of Julia Roberts, you find the movie Eat, Pray, Love a big source of inspiration.

21-You’re so used to budget airlines by now, that any other regular airline seems too posh!

22-You can sleep virtually anywhere including train stations, buses and on people’s couches.

23-You’re no longer interested in, nor look for, 9 to 5 jobs that offer just a 30 day vacation a year.

24-Home can be just about anywhere.

25-By now you’ve become so flexible and easy-going, that your next destination is a last minute decision.

How many of these signs do you relate to? Can you think of anything else? Do share!

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