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Travel Jobs

10 Cool Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

travel jobs

Travel jobs are definitely a serious option for people who think that “home” can be just about anywhere and not necessarily where they were born. So if you’re thinking about temporarily relocating somewhere abroad and looking to generate some cash while you’re at it, check out these practical options:

1- Professional Tour Guide

If you’re currently residing in a country other than your own simply because you’re passionate about its culture and history, sharing that knowledge and passion with others could be an amazingly fulfilling thing! Of course being fluent in the local language can be a huge advantage, but sometimes simply speaking English could be enough, as many of your patrons will likely speak it as well. Another option is to work as an independent guide, especially if you’re an expert in certain areas, such as the local underground scene, authentic local food, or maybe even extreme sports.  Aspiring tour guides should look for local tour companies and start applying!

2- Yoga Instructor

Are you into Yoga? Well of course you are… I mean who isn’t these days, right? Well this worldwide craze can become your winning travel ticket. Whether or not you’re a Zen master, and regardless of your educational background, with enough passion and some proper training you can become a Yoga instructor and start your own classes or maybe even some one on one coaching. An online ad here and a flyer there and you’ll be well on your way to turning this universal language into an occupation.

3- EFL Teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Requirements for these positions vary depending on the country; some are easy while others have more stringent entry requirements. Some require a bachelor’s degree while others will only ask for a TEFL certification. Based on my own personal experience, finding a TEFL job in China, Russia and some countries in South America is the easiest (however sorting out the visa situation in South America is a bit trickier than it is in Asia).Thailand and Vietnam are also popular options. There are also plenty of gigs in Europe; however the requirements are stricter for non-EU citizens.

4- Au-pair

An Au pair is basically a caregiver of some sort such as a house or babysitter that may be required to do some light work around the house. These gigs are really easy to find! Some families who are well off are even looking for someone to teach them a certain language and to converse with their kids in that language. You can find work as an Au pair through an agency in the country you wish to live in or visit.

5- Diving Instructor

Think you were a fish in another life? Do you like to spend your days by the sea in flip-flops? Then why not become a diving instructor. In order to do that you have to do a series of special certificates starting with a basic open water diver license, then an advanced open water license, before finally getting to the final step in your underwater journey which is the PADI certificate, which will officially allow you to give diving courses in exotic locations you’ve never even dreamed of living in!

6- Cruise Ship Gigs

You may not know this, but cruise ships offer lots of on-board jobs with various requirements for education or experience, like waitressing, bartending, entertaining or performing some type of specialized technical service. There are plenty of things to do on a cruise ship so chances are you’ll be able to find something you’re qualified to do on board.

7- Hospitality Gigs

Plenty of establishments are in need of friendly reasonably educated people with good social skills and knowledge of several foreign languages, such as hostels, bars and restaurants. You could do it for a fixed salary or daily tips or even in exchange for room and board, which is exactly what I did for a few months while I was traveling through Brazil. These kinds of jobs can be very fulfilling, not to mention you’ll be making a ton of friends in the process!

8- Freelance/Online Jobs

Use your laptop to earn money while you travel. From graphic design to social media management, the internet is full of employment opportunities with jobs that you can do from home…or virtually anywhere in the world! Try to focus on learning a new computer related skill and start scanning the web for gigs. As an Online Community Manager, my office can be anywhere from a beach side hammock to an urban cafe with internet connection!

9- Interpreter/Translator

For this one you may be required to have a bachelor’s degree, and it helps if that degree is in linguistics, unless of course you’re working as a freelancer. The most important qualification however is to be fluent in two languages at least. These jobs are easiest to find when there’s any type of event which involves international competitors or attendees, such as business conferences or sporting events like the Olympic Games or the World Cup.

10- Artist/Street Performer

In this case all you need is a seriously creative skill or talent. It could be anything from playing the guitar in a local pub or even a subway station, to juggling or fire-breathing on traffic intersections, to selling paintings in street markets or local exhibitions. Sure it’s not a glamorous job but it can be surprisingly rewarding and even profitable, and you can do it in pretty much any area that gets a lot of attention.

With enough courage, some dedication and an open mind, your craft, skill, talent or art can become your passport to the world!

Any other travel jobs out there you can think of? Please let us know

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