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Top Destinations For New Year's Eve

Top 10 Cities to Ring In The New Year – 2017

It is widely believed that how your year will turn out depends a lot on how you start it. Well, we’ve searched all over to find the best cities worldwide where you will be able to greet the burgeoning New Year with a bang and a hell of a time.

Here is a list of the top 10 cities, in no specific order, since it all comes down to personal taste at the end; all of these are excellent spots to start the upcoming year in good cheer!

Top Destinations For New Year's EvePARIS: The city of lights makes an excellent spot to spend your new year’s eve or as the Frenchies like to call it, the ‘St. Sylvestre’. The best part of spending NYE in Paris is that you can enjoy the celebrations beside the shimmering illuminated Tour Eiffel while boarding a boat in the river Seine! In Paris, the New Year celebrations are a month long! So try to extend your holidays for at least a week to really take in the Parisian festive mood. Bonne Année!

Top Destinations For New Year's EveEDINBURGH: My personal favorite, this charming and mystical city is one of the best places in Europe, if not the world, to celebrate NYE, or as Scotts call it, ‘Hogmanay’ which means the last day of the year, and it’s synonymous with fantastic end of year festivities full of majestic castles, music shows, fireworks, parties, kilts, and whisky… Scottish style! You name it, Edinburgh has got it all.

Top Destinations For New Year's EveLONDON: London, ‘the Big Smoke’, is also quite remarkable when it comes to celebrations. When that famous clock tower strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve, London will go off in a blast of blissful cheers, a few tears, and a shit load of fireworks! There will be tons of public parties held all over the city. Don’t miss the New Year’s Parade too. Overall, London makes a spectacular spot for that memorable night.

Top Destinations For New Year's EveHONG KONG: The Pearl of the Orient is one of the best east-Asian cities to spend your new year’s eve, and this one comes with a bit of a Chinese touch. Electrifying fireworks in the shape of dragons roaring through the night sky and tons of other blazing pyrotechnic events (After all, fireworks are a Chinese invention… Remember that!) So if a little bit of Oriental culture is your thing, this is where you should be on NYE.

Top Destinations For New Year's EveRIO DE JANEIRO: Rio, the city of carnivals doesn’t fall back when it comes to New Year’s Eve. Copacabana Beach in Rio is where the world’s LARGEST New Year’s party takes place (believe me I’ve been there). More than two million people dancing, screaming, chanting and drinking will be assembled on that famous long stretch of beach. It’s absolute beautiful mayhem! On the menu as well is no less than 30 minutes of amazing firework display firing off from ships along the coast.

Top Destinations For New Year's EveNEW YORK CITY: How can we miss this one? In the Big Apple, Times Square will literally be lit up! You can enjoy tons of performances by World famous artists and musicians, and enjoy a beautiful view of the pyrotechnical show with the astonishing backdrop of the statue of liberty. But the main highlight is the countdown coupled with the ball drop, where a time ball (think of it as a massive disco ball) drops from a huge height in the center of Times Square when the clock hits midnight.

Top Destinations For New Year's EveSINGAPORE: The Lion City is one of the most enthusiastic cities on the list. This festive city will all be lit up and fireworks will storm the night sky at midnight. The Marina Bay is where the major events take place. Concerts, twelve hours of nonstop music shows, fireworks, and the whole nine yards. New Year’s Eve will definitely be a blast here.

Top Destinations For New Year's EveDUBAI: Probably the best place to spend New Year’s Eve in the Middle East. Imagine yourself gazing at the incredible firework display standing right outside the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa! Also, the ridiculously high tower will be lit up completely with animations displayed on the entire building! Something to be seen!

Top Destinations For New Year's EveNEW ORLEANS: Arguably one of the best US cities to spend your NYE in. The ‘City that Care Forgot’ has tons of stuff to offer on New Year’s Eve, like a kid-friendly event called the Zoo Year’s Eve, and of course the numerous parties and festivities happening all around town. If all else fails, there’s always a parade or another happening in the city of ‘pleasure-seeking’.

Top Destinations For New Year's EveSYDNEY: The last place on the list, is one of the first cities to welcome the New Year. In Sydney, you can witness an exclusive ‘smoking ceremony’ performed by indigenous people (who doesn’t love a good ritual, right?) Also tons and tons of fireworks, a pretty cool beach party, and a boat parade! But I’m sure the Aussies will always have another trick or two up their sleeve.

Where will you be spending NYE? If you can think of any other cities worth adding to this list, please do let us know in the comments below… But wherever you are, have a fantastic one guys… Happy New Year!

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