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Scotland: Land of Heritage and Folklore


I won’t even try to give you a detailed account of this journey as it would take hundreds of film rolls and terabytes of digital space to even come close to capturing the essence of Scotland with all its heritage, history, culture and greatness.

Scotland 7

What I will say is this: Look through any alley, around every corner, and turn any rock in this proud nation and you will find a story. Mystical tales from the depth of history lurk in every corner, on every face, repeating itself in an endless loop in order to keep its past alive with every new generation.

Scotland 6

Here, moments that have gone, loved ones that have perished, achievements accomplished, thrive and are alive and well. Nowhere else have I seen such devotion in honoring heritage and affectionately remembering the dead.

Scotland 8

This has been quite the emotional and spiritual journey for me, which I would definitely recommend to all free thinkers, free spirits and literary souls.

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