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Mighty Hadrian’s Wall

Some called it ‘the edge of the world’… the once mighty ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ although perhaps not as impressive as it used to be when it was erected, remains an incredible feat of engineering. Built in 122 A.D on the present day border between England and Scotland by the Roman Empire, it ran from coast to coast, five meters high and two meters wide effectively splitting Britain in two.

Intended mainly as a defensive fortification against the constantly raiding tribes of northern Britain, I can only imagine the psychological impact this structure had on these tribesmen. At the time, the British Isles were part of the Roman Empire and the now UNESCO World Heritage Site was considered as the last frontier of that empire.

Manned by thousands of roman soldiers it actively stood for over 300 years, simultaneously as a symbol of roman ingenuity as well as it’s helplessness in conquering the north. By 410 A.D, Rome withdrew its ambitions to invade the remaining parts and decided to leave Britain completely. I say ambitions and not legions because most of these soldiers who were guarding that wall generation after generation for hundreds of years considered themselves of the land and eventually decided to stay.

It’s also worth mentioning that Hadrian’s Wall was the inspiration for ‘The Wall’ in George R.R. Martin’s best selling series ‘A song of Ice and Fire’, a.k.a ‘Game of Thrones‘.

If you ever choose to visit Great Britain then I will assume that you’re interested in its History and Culture, and so I highly recommend a visit to this incredible relic which at a pivotal moment in history has witnessed the birth of a great nation, and with a little bit of imagination you could close your eyes and actually see the raging battles taking place there.

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