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Lockdown Staycation Ideas

Staycation: Convert Your Outdoor Space into a Resort Styled Oasis

In this time of lockdown, many people are considering their lives, their values and what life might look like if and when we get back to ‘normal’. While the lockdown has been designed to minimize the immediate health concerns for the elderly and vulnerable, the long-term economic damage is expected to be severe.

On a positive note, many households are taking the time to reconnect and set up their homes to enjoy the experience as best they can. We don’t know how long the lockdown will be and we don’t how our movements will be restricted for the medium and long-term. We do know our homes are something we are likely to be spending more time in for a while.

For those of us that love travelling and the resort style of outdoor living, there are ways to create that environment in your own yard. A well-designed outdoor space can be a superb addition to any home. No matter what size it is, your space can become your outdoor oasis. It can be that special place where you can relax, reconnect with nature, and spend time with your family.

Below are a few simple tips that can help you create the perfect outdoor space according to your budget. If you already have an outdoor space however it’s needing improvement, these six easy tips can help you transform your yard into an amazing, even magical place.

Tip 1: Create privacy

Design your outdoor area in a way that maintains your privacy. It’s your personal oasis, so it should be shielded from prying eyes. There are a number of ways you can create privacy for your yard. One is to install a beautiful fence or screen. Another is to plant bamboos, trees, and other tall plants that can obscure the view of your space from outside.

Tip 2: Consider your climate

Depending on your climate, you’ll need to design your space to keep cool or warm during the various seasons. For regions that have significant seasonal changes you may need to consider the flexibility of your design and how it can function. Maybe simple umbrellas could serve your purpose for either sun or rain protection. There are many roofing options for undercover areas including louvre roofs that can be opened or closed about your alfresco according to your preferences. For particularly hot environments you might consider an outdoor electric fan for some breeze. Plants, trees, and water features can also bring the temperature down. If you want to be able to use your outdoor oasis when it’s chilly, you could install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. It will certainly make your outdoor space cosy.

Tip 3: Restore what you can

Most of us are now living in a time where we need to be frugal. The world has become so busy that many of us have not taken the time to look after our yards. We’ve become a wasteful society however that’s changing. We’re changing due to the environmental impact our lifestyle has created and now we are minimizing waste due to financial constraints. For example if you have any outdoor structures such as a timber portico or deck a simple sand and polishing can restore a high-quality, beautiful finish to your space.


Tip 4: Choose the appropriate furniture

Needless to say, whatever items you use to furnish and decorate your space will be exposed to the weather. Consider your favourite holiday resorts and the style of furniture they use. Your furniture and decor must be durable and weatherproof. Rattan, bamboo, or wicker can be ideal for outdoor furniture. The upholstery and fabrics you choose must be made with weather-resistant materials to prevent damping or mould.

Tip 5: Provide different types of seating

Comfortable outdoor seating will keep people outside and enjoying the space for longer. You will make your outdoor space more versatile if you furnish it with appropriate seating. Chairs around a table can make a great informal dining area. A comfy sofa can encourage intimate conversations. A lounge chair or hammock will allow you to relax, read a book, or even take a nap outdoors.

Tip 6: Install an outdoor kitchen

Are you planning to use your outdoor space as an experience for your whole household? Install an outdoor kitchen means everyone can enjoy the space together. Having an outdoor kitchen makes it easier to serve food when dining outdoors. You won’t need to keep going in and out of your house to get items from your kitchen. The outdoor kitchen becomes part of the experience.

In even a small outdoor space you can create a cozy environment you and your household will love to spend time in. You may have been too busy to ever find the time to work on your outdoor space. Why not take this time to get your hands dirty, learn some new skills and make your outdoor space amazing. Just a few simple yet personal touches can give it the resort style feel that you love.

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