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IAPWA Everest Trekking Animals

Support IAPWA’s Everest Trek For Animals

Trekking for Animals

In April 2019, IAPWA Founder, Nicky Stevens and a team of IAPWA supporters, will be trekking to Everest Base Camp to raise funds to support the thousands of animals IAPWA treat and care for every year.

Could you spare £3 to help us to vaccinate another dog from a range of debilitating but preventable diseases? Or £5 to provide food for a stray? Or maybe you can spare £10 to make a difference for hundreds of dogs by funding for one to be neutered, reducing the number of puppies born into the life of a stray?

We provide a veterinary and support lifeline to thousands of dogs and cats every year. Strays who don’t have an owner to care for them and would otherwise be left to suffer. We find good homes for many who are unable to cope on the streets, end dog culls, change legislation and educate to create a better future.

We need support

But to achieve all of this, we need support. Support from animal lovers like you who enable our teams on the ground to carry out this vital work and make a difference.

The Mission

In April 2019, we are embarking on an epic challenge to Everest Base Camp with one mission….to raise as much as we can to support animals who need us. We’d be so grateful if you’d join us on this mission by donating to this cause so as together we can make a big impact for those that need our help.

Anything you could spare would be so appreciated.


About the charity

International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals (IAPWA)

IAPWA is an independent, UK registered, animal welfare charity dedicated to creating a better future for animals worldwide. With your support we can continue to help those that need us.
Charity Registration No: 1137532

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