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How to Quit your Job and Travel the World

How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World… Realistically!

How to Quit your Job and Travel the World

How to Quit your Job and Travel the WorldYou’re gonna do it one day, I know you are. You know you are… Or maybe not. But just in case, let me give you a few pointers that should get you thinking about it at least. After all everyone needs a little push when it comes to these things right? So, here are a few thoughts and practical steps to help you decide on what could potentially be the best decision of your life:

Save up save up save up! What are you waiting for to create a travel fund? Put yourself in Eco-mode. Sell your car, lose anything expendable and stay light, move back with your parents for a while, anything it takes to seriously cut down on your costs and start saving up. The adventure is worth it trust me.

If you got it…Rent it out! Think of your assets as potential income generators. It’s a simple equation if you think about it. Everyone’s looking for a room, a car or a house to rent. So why not rent it out and make some money while you travel. Just make sure you get a security deposit 😉

Start with a low cost destination. South East Asia is your most cost effective option because it’s so cheap! It’s also beautiful and traveler/backpacker friendly. South America is as beautiful and even friendlier, but it comes in second in terms of cost. So it all depends on your budget and how much money you have saved up.

Work odd jobs as you go. By working on the road, doing exchange work at hostels, bars and restaurants, and freelancing online, you’ll be doing some money-stretching and getting more bang for your buck… or Euro, or Lira 🙂

Be open to things and say “yes” more often. Once you’re off the grid, you can pretty much do anything or take anything that comes your way whether it’s a short term paid gig, or volunteering for a good cause. Anything can be an opportunity in disguise. So be open to things and say yes! Believe me these things cause more good than harm and they open doors, which obviously isn’t a bad thing for you at this stage.

Do it now! While it’s still easy. Don’t get me wrong, you can still travel long term when you’re older, but I’d rather do it before I am tied down with a spouse, a house, kids and debts. It’s pretty hard to leave once you have major financial responsibilities and people who depend on you. And besides, quitting a job and finding another is easier when you’re younger.

Still not sure you wanna do this? Maybe what you need is a test drive. Who said things have to always be permanent. Take a leave for a couple of weeks and head to turkey for a test trip. Park yourself in a good hostel, go out and explore, meet other travelers, talk to people, see how they’re doing it, share your thoughts and get some road wisdom. It’s really only scary the first time, but once you’re out, you’re out! And remember It’s your life, your game, your rules, so if you’ve decided this isn’t for you and you’d like to go back to your magical cubicle life… Totally doable 🙂

Don’t let “the future” or your “retirement plans” be a lifelong excuse. One of the worse things in the world is when delayed gratification becomes an excuse for not living the life you want, and you wake up one day in your 50s with a head full of regrets. You only have one life, and it’s relatively short according to Einstein… As for your life savings, well they won’t mean much when you’re 6 feet under. So think about it, if you ever have kids, what would you rather give them… a great life experience? Or a few bucks in a bank account?

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