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Posada 1914 Panama

Hostel Review: Posada 1914, Panama City, Panama

Posada 1914 Panama

Posada 1914 Panama

Located in Bella Vista, the hostel is strategically positioned in the center of the city in a relatively quiet residential area of Panama City so if you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of loud touristic activities, noisy bars and restaurants, and stay somewhere a little more chic, stylish and low-key while still within walking distance of all touristic hotspots, then I recommend staying in Posada 1914.

The hostel itself is a refurbished independent house with a lot of character and it’s a family owned business which attracts expats, visitors from the surrounding countries, local Peace Corps volunteers and backpackers young and old. The hostel operator and owner Elena is very welcoming and super helpful in every way possible and her advice on what to do while in Panama is spot-on!

Walk out of the hostel doors and you’ll find a colorful large garden, some hammocks and a BBQ station, the perfect place to relax while reading or listening to music, as well a climbing wall which is free for guests and a steel gate that can only be opened from the front desk for added security.

The rooms are tidy and clean and will cost you ranges around$16 to $18 per night for a dorm bed or $25 for a private room. A free continental breakfast is offered in the morning, while complimentary coffee and tea are offered all day. The place is also equipped with a large kitchen that’s available for guests to do their own cooking. Laundry service is available, as well as towels and soap, which are provided for free. If you don’t want to drag your bags on a bus to the airport then you can book a shuttle bus for $9 at the reception.

Another thing worth mentioning is the wifi signal that is spotless all around the hostel… even in the rooms! There seems to be a fair amount of toilets and showers which are kept really clean.

If you’re a sucker for hostel pets like me, you’ll love Elena’s dogs!

The relatively small size of this hostel means it’s a really good place to meet people and socialize so if you’re staying in Panama and want to do so in an affordable way, I would definitely advise anyone to stay here!

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