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You Say Tomato, We Say Tomatina


*This experience runs only on Monday 26 August till Thursday 29 August 2019 

4 Days at the world’s biggest food fight

Visiting 1 country: Spain


Join the Tomatina festival, a food fight like no other in Buñol, Spain. Paint the town red as part of La Tomatina, a crazy Spanish fiesta which culminates in an hour-long food fight as thousands of revellers throw tomatoes galore! This four day trip includes a welcome party, city walking tours, tickets to the La Tomatina festivities and more.


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Day 1: Valencia, Spain

Viva España! Our trip begins today in the glorious Spanish coastal city of Valencia. Meet the gang at our accommodation, then head out on the town for the chance to get to know your fellow revelers. Food fight in T minus 48 hours = befriend the enemy.

Day 2: Valencia

Today is all yours to explore Valencia’s Old Quarter, taking in such highlights as the Central Market, Plaza Redonda, the Cathedral of Valencia and the Basilica of Our Lady the Forsaken. Not keen for a wander? We won’t judge if you’d rather retire to the beach and work on your tan. This evening is yours to sample the delicious local cuisine, so order up big at a tapas bar and wash it all down with a sangria (or two).

Day 3: Valencia

We have an early start this morning – but today’s excitement makes it more than worthwhile. We’ll board our coaches for the included transfer to Buñol, the home of La Tomatina – the world’s biggest food fight! The atmosphere building up to the ‘fight’ is like one big street party, with the occasional water fight added just for fun. Technically the festival doesn’t kick off until someone has climbed up a greased pole to retrieve a ham (no, really) – however a cannon blast will also signal the start of the tomato onslaught at 11am. Huge trucks packed with tons of tomatoes roll through the street dropping their loads in the middle of the packed crowds. Then it’s game on: everyone for themselves! The fight lasts for an hour – which may not sound like much but it’s a long time if you’re repeatedly getting pelted with tomatoes. Then, it’s time to head back to Valencia for a shower and a well-earned rest. Tonight hopefully there are no lingering tomato-related animosities as we toast new friends and the memories of our Tomatina experience.

Day 4: Valencia

Wake up feeling like a human-sized bottle of ketchup? That’s all part of the fun. Rinse the remains of yesterday’s epic food fight from behind your ears and dive into a hearty breakfast. The trip finishes this morning, but be sure to stick around with your newfound comrades and explore Valencia some more.

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  • Visit the glorious Spanish coastal city of Valencia.
  • Explore Valencia’s Old Quarter.
  • Sample the delicious local cuisine.
  • Get your tomato fight on at Buñol.


3 nights accommodation at multi share hostel

Hostel Plus trips include our most varied types of accommodation.

The number of people to a room on a Hostel Plus trip will vary. You will stay in multi-share rooms and usually share with between 3 and 5 others (although in some circumstances you will share with more than 5).

*When travelling on a Hostel Plus trip, multi-share accommodation is single-sex.


3 breakfasts and 1 dinner

Breakfasts are included every day (except on the first morning).

If you have any dietary requirements, we will make every effort to cater to your specific needs as long as you advise your travel agent or Customer Service Consultant when you book. You can also make note of this in the Topdeck app when you check in (see below).

However, please be aware that although we will do everything in our power to arrange it, we cannot guarantee that every restaurant we visit will be able to cater to all dietary needs.


  • 3 nights accomodation at multi share hostel
  • 3 breakfasts and 1 dinner.
  • All ferry crossings
  • Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi
  • Guided tours of all major cities
  • Awesome Trip Leader, Driver and Chef

Additional Info

What should I wear?

During the tomato fight itself, girls should wear lots of layers. While the official La Tomatina rules state there must be no T-shirt ripping, many locals do not pay attention to this. We also recommend that guys wear old shorts and no T-shirt, as the boys’ T-shirts will also often be ripped from them in the crowds.

You should wear clothes that you’re happy to throw away after the event. Cheap or old clothes are the way to go.

Don’t forget to leave a change of clean clothes on the coach!

Finally, a pair of goggles is vital – tomato juice hurts when it gets in your eyes, so invest in a cheap pair of swimming goggles.

What shoes should I wear?

You should wear closed shoes to the event because you’re likely to lose sandals or thongs/jandals/flip flops in the crowd – and you want to avoid stepping on any broken glass. An old pair of sneakers you’re happy to throw away afterwards is your best option.

Do I need tickets?

Your ticket to the event is included in the trip price and will be given to you by your Trip Leader on the day.

What if I get hungry?

The residents of Buñol sell a variety of delicious food and drink before, during and after the tomato fight. Take some euros with you in a zip up pocket.

Can I take a camera?

Bring a camera if you have an old one that you won’t mind getting messy or potentially losing. Otherwise, consider using a disposable camera or put your camera/phone in a plastic bag/clear phone sleeve.

Passenger Safety

One of the best parts of travelling is experiencing the nightlife and entertainment each city has to offer. However, amidst the fun and excitement, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and personal safety as well. Before you hit the road with us, it’s important to be aware of the following:

When you’re on a night out, remember to avoid walking alone, particularly through deserted areas like beaches and back streets. Always stick together, take a taxi where possible, and keep a note of your accommodation details so you can find your way back to your fellow travelers if you become separated.

In some countries, alcoholic measures can be considerably larger than what you may be used to. Try to keep track of what you’re drinking, and if you see one of your trip mates looking a little worse for wear, take them back to your accommodation. Be cautious when accepting drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended.

It’s also important to be aware that what you might consider harmless flirting may be interpreted differently in some countries. Be yourself and have fun, but don’t be naive, and be mindful of the signals you are sending out so that you don’t find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.