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Iceland Whales and Sails Adventure


*This experience runs daily between 16 July & 15 September 2019  
*This experience will last for 3 hours approximately

3 hours sailing on board of a traditional Icelandic schooner

Visiting 1 country: Iceland


Step aboard, hoist the sails and take part in a real sailing adventure on board one of the most authentic and traditional Icelandic sailing ships.


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Discover the magic of the ocean in this beautiful sailing on board the traditional Icelandic schooner. This tour is a nice opportunity to enjoy the wild nature while getting to know old ways of sailing and discovering the sailor in you.

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Less than 1 Day

Travel Style




  • Hot chocolate and cinnamon buns


  • Expert whale watching guide

Extra clothes

  • Warm overalls and raincoats if needed


Húsavík is located in North East Iceland, 480 km from the capital Reykjavik and about an hour drive from the biggest town in North Iceland, Akureyri.

The local name Húsavík is believed to be one of the oldest toponyms known in Iceland. The “Book of Settlement“ tells about the Swedish Viking Garðar Svavarsson, who sailed around Iceland in the year 870 and spent one winter in Húsavík.

Húsavík is an authentic Icelandic fishing town with around 2300 inhabitants. The characteristic centennial wooden church in the center, is surrounded by colorful houses, and the harbor is crowded with small fishing boats and whale watchers.

Whale watching has been a great importance and Húsavík has become known as the Whale Watching Capital of Iceland.

Environmental Policy

Our partners have from the beginning put weight on environmental protection and careful behavior towards the marine wildlife. They are committed to acquiring knowledge on the environmental impact of their operations and to reducing any impact.

They have adopted an active environmental policy based on the idea of sustainable development. They operate with respect for the environment to ensure the long-term protection of natural and cultural resources in fair and viable way.

They are active partners of Festa – the Icelandic Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, and have declared their participation in the Responsible tourism incentive project. The project´s purpose is to maintain Iceland´s status as optimal future destination for tourists by supporting sustainability for future generations of the nation.

Their goals are as follows:

Demonstrate exemplary behavior and respect for nature. 

  • Making their whole fleet run on renewable energy by 2030.
  • Maintaining the best available pollution control when renewing and maintaining equipment.
  • Ensuring the best possible encounter, both for animal welfare and passenger enjoyment.
  • The speed of the boats has been moderated to reduce energy consumption, to decrease the noise for the passengers and to minimize the disturbance on the whales.
  • Increasing development, understanding, and awareness of appropriate practices when watching cetaceans.
  • Training their employees and making their customers aware of their environmental policy and by providing information on how they can participate.
  • Sorting and reducing garbage that is produced within the company.
  • Implementing measurable goals regarding environmental issues in order to survey the company´s environmental performance and status.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions from their fleet by planting trees.
  • Promoting sustainable development with reduced use of raw materials, recovery, and re-use.
  • By opposing whale killing and supporting the protection of endangered species.
  • They promote “Meet Us Don´t Eat Us,” campaign that aims to inform and educate tourists about few key facts regarding whale meat consumption and gain their support to protect whales by ending commercial whaling.

Ensure the safety of guests and treat them courteously

  • They aim to continually improve training strategy of their staff.
  • By performing annual risk assessments.
  • They have active response strategy´s and train their staff at first aid and maintain that training every two years.
  • All boats and facilities are well maintained and licensed to operate.
  • Everybody on their crew are licensed to sail and operate their ships.

Respect the rights of employees

  • Staff interviews are conducted annually.
  • Employees can contact a confidant within the company regarding rights and safety.
  • By implementing education on rights into training process of new staff.
  • They strive to create work environment that supports and increases job satisfaction.

Have a positive impact on the local community

  • Supporting researchers from the University of Iceland, don’t hesitate to inquire them about their work if you see them on board the boats.
  • Choosing local suppliers when possible.
  • By participating in projects that aim to improve awareness regarding nature and wildlife.