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Eye in the Himalayan sky


*Prices are per person for a solo Trekker

1 day take to the skies over the majestic Himalayan Mountain Range

Visiting 1 country: Nepal 


Experiencing the Himalayas via the air was initially popular with disabled travelers and those with various constraints, however, this unique journey is gaining favor with other groups too. And it’s understandable why air travel to the region has become sought after; given the opportunity to see the natural wonders of Everest and the Himalayas, anyone would jump at the chance to experience the astounding panoramas. Heck, even those who have conquered the Range by foot are taking the chance to see the Himalayas from this rare angle. So get on board one of our choppers, venture hate skies over this exquisite region, and see what all the fuss is about.



*All hotel departures leave at 06:00 a.m. so make sure you get a good sleep and set an early alarm.

There are a multitude of trips tailored to what you want from your experience. Here is a list of what journeys and regions are on offer:

Everest/Khumbu Region

Needing no introductions, a trip to Khumbu will bring you within touching distance of the largest mountain on the Planet. Situated between the western Indus River and the Eastern Brahmaputra, this section of the Himalayan Range is also one of the more heterogeneous spaces. Clearly illustrated by the jagged ascents of Everest, Lhotse, and Choyu, the glimmering glacial lakes, thundering gorges, and flowing rivers coursing their way down the mountains. Undeniably the most sought after excursion, because of that bid old rock we call Everest, but a flight over the Khumbu Region delivers far more than you bargain for.

Langtang Region

Sitting north of the Kathmandu Valley, Langtang Lirung sits at the (not to be sniffed at) height of 7245 meters. A behemoth in its own right, Langtang Lirung and the surrounding areas impress most are the dense, green, subtropical forests, a sight that’s a little unexpected in a region utterly entwined with freezing conditions. On that note, you’ll of course find plenty of the white stuff laying across the rough terrain, and also cascading rivers that interweave and gather at plateaus. Langtang is a rather compact area but it certainly packs a contrasting punch, making for stunning views, and the odd photo that’ll brighten up any photo book.

Annapurna Region

Standing proudly in the central region of Manang, Annapurna is an often underappreciated region when compared to its bigger brothers, though that’s kind of understandable. Size, however, does not matter as you fly over the region you’ll spot two parallel mountain ranges, both snow-kissed and stunning with the southern range being Annapurna itself, whilst the western forming an intimating border with Tibet. A curious sight between the two ranges is created due to the dense cloud coverage meager levels of rainfall impact this area resulting in arid, desert-like condition of the plains, a sight more suited to a spaghetti western movie.

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1 Day


Nepal is a unique place – small on the map yet home to the most grandiose peaks in the World, it’s an intriguing juxtaposition! 30 kilometers in width and the tip of Everest measuring at 8848 meters (with countless peaks over 6000 meters), the Himalayas are characterized with soaring ice gorges, numerous winding lakes the snake through the Range, inhabited settlements scattered that call this unforgiving climate home, and of course, the most jaw-dropping vistas the eye will ever see – it really is the greatest show on Earth.

Himalayan Helicopter Tours has stepped forward to offer remarkable tours making your dream of seeing the World’s greatest mountain range a reality. From the permafrost peaks perpetually covered in fresh white snow, to the luscious vegetation of Nepal, and with serrated sky scraping summits contrasting against plummeting valleys,  you’ll receive a truly exclusive view of the vast natural diversity and ecosystems that promote a the rather fascinating Nepal.

With a fleet comprising of two choppers – one 5 seater Euro Copter AS 305 B and a larger 22 seat Russian MI-17 – you can reach heights of 16000 feet, and allowing an up close and personal interaction with the Himalayas.



• Helicopter Tours for 3-4 Hours any given destination
• English speaking Nature/Mountain Guide
• One meal (Lunch or Breakfast) at that destination
• Needed Documents/Permits
• Transportation to Airport and back to the Hotel
• Airport Tax


• Everything not mentioned in the inclusion section

Additional Info

4-5 Hours
Group Size
1 to 4

Price Variations

  • EUR 3695 for solo Trekker
  • 2 Person group size basis EUR 1930 Per Person
  • 3 Person group size basis EUR 1440 Per Person
  • 4 Person group size basis: EUR 1190 per person