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Greenland Ground to Air


*Price is per person for a double room according to departure point – additional price variations listed below.
*Departures from Copenhagen every Tuesday from Mid-June to late August

8 days discovering Greenland by air

Visiting 1 country: Greenland 


Discover the immense variety of fertile nature and fascinating Viking history on this grand tour of outstanding Greenland from North to South, from the ground and the air!


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Departures from Copenhagen. Discover the immense variety of nature on this grand tour of Greenland: The beautiful and fertile South Greenland with the fascinating history of the Vikings. Nuuk, a modern capital in a traditional Inuit society and Ilulissat – the town of the Icebergs with the UNESCO World Heritage site; Ilulissat Ice Fjord.


This tour includes a short stay in Narsarsuaq, the area where Eric the Red decided to settle and where he found inspiration to name the new land: Greenland. It has recently been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

Beside the viking history that dominates the area Narsarsuaq is also the only international airport of South Greenland with quite an amazing military history.

The Greenland Capital, Nuuk

A modern town in the Arctic, the center of the Greenlandic administration and site of the famous Greenland National Museum.


The town of the Icebergs and the most modern town in the Disko Bay area – man is still outnumbered by the huskies and traces of 4000-year old Inuit settlements are found close to town. Join us on tours to small and isolated settlements where the local population is still dependent on hunting and fishing – and don’t miss the UNESCO designated Ilulissat Ice Fjord with its gigantic icebergs.


Day 1

Morning flight with Air Greenland from Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq. Your expert guide will be waiting for you in the small airport. Transfer to the hotel for check-in and information meeting where you will be introduced to the team guide and hear more about the excursions that are available during your stay. After the meeting your guide will take you on a short walk of the settlement.

Vikings called this country Greenland

Narsarsuaq and its immediate surroundings in Tunulliarfik Fjord hold incredible significance to Greenland’s history, for the land where Narsarsuaq now stands earned Greenland its name. The Norse Vikings settled in this vicinity many centuries ago and gave Narsarsuaq a name that hints that an Arctic forest covered the large plain.  Taking tales of verdant nature in a deep fjord home to their Nordic brethren, the Vikings called this country Greenland.

Day 2, 3

Breakfast at hotel. Days at leisure in Narsarsuaq.

Viking settlements and Erik the Red

The area surrounding Narsarsuaq was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2017 and with good reason; There are several Viking sites which have played an important part in world history – the most important being Brattahlid in the small settlement of Qassiarsuk, where the Viking Erik the Red settled in Greenland and gave the huge island its name. Remains of his farm are still visible and a replica of the first Christian church built on the North American continent can also be found on the site.

Qooroq Glacier

No visit to Greenland is complete without seeing a glacier up close, and in Narsarsuaq you can do just that.  Cruise among the icebergs to the fjord of Qooroq where the glacier of the same name is found. We go as close as we safely can and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ‘newborn’ icebergs.

Glacier Hiking

For a real adventure – join us for a full day hike to a melting glacier in the area behind Narsarsuaq; there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the local flora and fauna, do a bit of mountaineering and as a reward – see and touch the glacier which is directly connect to the Inland Ice Cap.

Day 4

Breakfast at hotel. Flight from Narsarsuaq to the Greenlandic capital of Nuuk.  Transfer to the hotel for check-in.


City tour of Nuuk including visit to the National Museum, the Old Colonial Harbor, Our Saviors Church and the Parliament. The hotel reception staff can also help you with ideas for restaurants, shopping and where to find the best souvenirs.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport. Air Greenland flight from Nuuk to Ilulissat. Meet and greet by an expert guide.  Transfer to the hotel for check-in and information meeting where you will be introduced to your team guide and hear more about the optional day trips available.

Following the welcome meeting your guide will take you on a city walk so you can get acquainted with the town.

Greenlandic for Icebergs

Ilulissat is Greenlandic for ‘Icebergs’ and this charming town with 4600 inhabitants 200 kilometers north of the Polar Circle is indeed one of the best places in the world for seeing gigantic, nature-made sculptures break off rugged glaciers and start their final journey towards to open sea.

Hikes, sunset cruises and Heli safaris

Summer in Ilulissat is a feast of adventures; make the most of your time there by going on hikes in the Arctic nature not far from town, experience helicopter safaris over the UNESCO designated ice fjord and sail out to remote settlements where everyday life still is heavily influenced by ancient traditions. Relax in the evenings on Sunset Cruises in the fjord, watching the icebergs bathing in the rays of the never-setting sun, whilst enjoying a drink ‘on the real rocks’.

Dinner time

Tonight, you will enjoy a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant ‘Ulo’ which specializes in fresh-from-the-fjords-and fells cuisine. Other local staples include seaweed, musk ox, Greenland halibut, and Greenlandic herbs.

Day 6, 7

Breakfast at the hotel. Days at leisure in Ilulissat for optional excursions. There are several ways to explore the area – by boat, by foot or even flight seeing.  Your guide can advise you on tours and also book your space.

Soul of the ancestor

Talk to the guide team if you need advice on where to buy the best souvenirs.  A popular gift a ‘Tupilak’ which in Greenlandic means ‘soul of the ancestor’ and is an Inuit version of a talisman/voodoo doll. Traditional tupilaks were sculpted into tiny creatures inspired by Inuit mythology.  Souvenir figurines range from ghoulish to impish and are made of antlers, wood, stone, animal bone, or soapstone.

Day 8

Breakfast at the hotel. Farewell coffee with your guide at the hotel and a chance to talk about your journey. Air Greenland morning flight from Ilulissat via Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen.

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Greenland Sky High 8 Tue Mid JUN-late AUG EUR 3627 EUR 468 EUR 260 EUR 1781 EUR 182


Guaranteed departures from Copenhagen every Tuesday from Mid-June to late August



  • Mentioned flights with all taxes
  • Mentioned transfers
  • Accommodation with private facilities and breakfast
  • 3 dinners included
  • Arctic Adventure destination guide in Ilulissat and Narsarsuaq.
  • Local guide service in Nuuk
  • City tour at all three destinations
  • Welcome and farewell meeting with the Arctic Adventure guide team


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  • Travel Insurance



3 night in Hotel Narsarsuaq

1 night in Hotel Hans Egede

3 night in Hotel Arctic