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Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Bath and Beyond


*This experience runs every Wednesdays between February & November 2019
*Please note that the price of this experience does NOT include accommodation. We will leave you the choice to pick your own.

3 days of Anglo-Saxon history and culture

Visiting 1 country: United Kingdom


A definite contender for England’s most stunning locale, the Southwest brings in all the goods you’d expect from a more tropical holiday whilst maintaining the quaint English vibe. We’ve pieced together a trip that’ll stimulate the senses and soul as we traverse the Southwest of England, taking in the revered Stonehenge, scouring the rugged coastal beaches, ramble across broad moors, and dive straight into this unique region… We promise you’ll be stunned!



Day 1: Anglo-Saxon Adventure

Welcome to your first day on this journey of discovery, we’ve got a doozy for you to kick proceedings off – Stonehenge. Passing through the ancient Kingdom of Wessex to reach our first pit stop, you’ll see that old-World charm England has in spades, a perfect warm up for the main event.


As we approach Stonehenge you’ll catch a glimpse of the ethereal formation, and suddenly the magic and majesty hits you. Wander closer to the site and the structure is so simple yet it emanates sheer majesty, and is a window on to the spiritual beliefs that influenced the lives of our ancestors. Calling it fascinating doesn’t do it justice.

Dragging you away from the aura of Stonehenge may prove challenging, but we promise we’ve got more goodies in store.

Dinosaur fossils

The Jurassic Coast (cool name, right?) is our next pit stop, where you’ll find dusty, rough terrain underfoot, but that’s not the only thing; there are plenty of dinosaur fossils buried here. Indulge your inner paleontologist and stare in awe at the ancient beasts who once dominated Britain.

To round off our day we visit another monolithic landmark, at the Durdle Door, a huge limestone arch that projects itself into the cold coastal waters. A magnificent site, there’s something undeniably enticing about the rugged terrain of the Southwest, so take your time enjoying your exploration.


Exeter, one of the key cities in the region, is up next, and has a diverse feel to it, probably because of the fact that Roman, Norman, and Tudor influence is strong here. Formerly the most Westerly Roman settlement in Britain, you’ll see the remnants from the era including hulking stone city walls, a sturdy castle from the Norman’s, an ornate yet slightly sinister Gothic cathedral, and finally Tudor heritage that can be spotted in the architecture. Also, thanks to modern conventions, there’s stacks of bars and restaurants for your gastronomic pleasure, and a soothing quayside, where you can spend an afternoon in a daydream. And here’s the bonus, we’re here for two nights, so plenty of time to take in the rich cultures of Exeter. Hurrah!

Day 2: Divine Dartmoor

Out into the nature we go folks, as Dartmoor is our target, a gorgeous area dominated by windy plains, vibrant flora and fauna, more remarkable rock formations (the ancients locals loved their stones!) and the occasional pony. Dartmoor appears to be a fairly isolated locale, but there’s something warming and peaceful that’ll strike a chord with you.


Be careful of your step, as we trot across the ancient Clapper Bridge at Postbridge and roll onto Tavistock. Rural England is known for its market towns, and Tavistock is a perfect example of the cliché, with little stalls dotting across the square, and quaint cafes ready to keep you topped up with tea. Even the briefest wander in the Tavistock will unwind your stresses and strains. For those of you who prefer a more intriguing, maybe even manic existence, the famous sea captain Sir Francis Drake was born here, but don’t get any ideas about stealing a boat and heading on a voyage!

Headway is made back to Exeter to give you the opportunity to further explore the town, chill out, or gorge your face on those amazing local delicacies we mentioned previously. The choice is yours, and whatever you choose, you’re on to a winner.

Day 3: The Brilliance of Bath and Gazing at Glastonbury

Who doesn’t love music? And who doesn’t love festivals? Well mate, you’re in the perfect spot as we look onto Glastonbury Farm, home to arguably the most significant music festival on the Planet. To catch a glimpse of the rolling fields that host hundreds of thousands of souls each summer, we must scale the Glastonbury Tor, a hill that has a double edged charm; first, the views are a spectacle, seeing it in its natural serene state is crazy when you contrast that to the madness of Glastonbury Festival! The second point of intrigue is Tor, long associated with mysticism, and was a focal point for the noble King Arthur and the Kingdom of Avalon. Is it just me or is everything in the Southwest just pure magic?


Our last stop of the tour is to the striking city of Bath, a Roman settlement that is famous for, wait for it…its baths! Large open air bathing spots were created during their reign and were popular for rest and relaxation, and in specific locations you too can experience the soothing and cleaning properties of the baths. Once you’ve chosen to have a dunk in the water, why not explore around Bath, then freshen yourself up with a bite and drink at one of the many endearing pubs or cafes? A lovely way to round off our excursion and raise a toast to our adventure and the magic of Southwestern England.

Back to London

Alas, the time has come for us to head home, and we take the bus from Bath to London this evening. With a heedful of memories characterized by Stonehenge, awe-inspiring coastlines, and the welcoming aura of Southwestern England, we’re sure you had a ball and will definitely come back to visit this glorious locale.

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United Kingdom


Less than 1 week

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Stonehenge – Stand in awe at this iconic Neolithic stone structure.

Durdle Door – Wander the fossil-strewn beaches of the Jurassic Coast to reach this superb natural limestone arch and cove.

Dartmoor – Roam this distinctive craggy moorland landscape and get up close to wild Dartmoor ponies grazing near surreal granite outcrops.

Exeter – Stroll through this ancient Roman city, from the heights of its marvellous gothic cathedral to the depths of its winding underground water passages.

Tavistock – The birthplace of Sir Francis Drake, this ancient ‘stannery’ town boasts both a religious and mining heritage together and a market full of excellent local produce and wares.

Glastonbury – A significant religious and spiritual site infused with stories of early Christianity, Arthurian legend, and pagan culture.

Bath – Marvel at the monumental scale of the Georgian architecture, the medieval Abbey cathedral, and the temple and bath at the heart of the Roman Baths complex.


What’s included

  • Transport in a 16 seat Mercedes mini-coach
  • Air conditioning as standard
  • The stories and services of an English-speaking driver-guide

What’s not included

  • Entry fees to visitor attractions
  • Tour accommodation

Additional Info

Where does this tour stay overnight?

Please note that the price of this experience does NOT include accommodation. We will leave you the choice to pick your own:

  • 2 nights in Exeter


09.15 – Stance 3, Greenline Coach Terminal, Bulleid Way, Victoria, London, SW1W 9SH


19.00 approx.

Important information

  • Pack your waterproof clothing and walking shoes
  • One 15 kilogram bag per person


How does the accommodation work?

Your tour excludes accommodation; you can choose to reserve your own accommodation in the overnight locations, or contact us for help.

I booked my own accommodation is there anything I need to do?

You’ll need to contact us with your accommodation details. Please only reserve accommodation within the overnight towns that your tour stops in. Your driver will drop you off at your chosen accommodation as long as it is relatively central.