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Citizen of the World

11 Signs You’re a True Citizen of the World

The term “world” or “global” citizen is generally used to describe an individual who is liberal and open-minded enough to dissolve his identity within a global society and becomes more than just a citizen of a particular country or group, whatever it may be. The idea that a person’s identity can transcend all borders, both geographical and political sounds like such an awesome liberating concept doesn’t it??

I mean think about it… Since the beginning of time, humans have organized themselves into small groups and populations based on some type of shared identity or purpose. This Nationalism or National identity is our involuntary inheritance… a vague intangible notion that’s placed on our shoulders like a cloak by a complex matrix of political or tribal leaders, ancestors, as well as a series of ancient random events stretching from the economical to the religious, often for reasons that are questionable at best. It’s part of our pre-programmed operating system and I believe it has become an outdated idea on its way to extinction.

So what makes a person a World Citizen, and do you think you could be one? Let’s find out!

You’re a Citizen of the World if you:

  • Understand the world is much bigger than your home town or country, and recognize that events happening even in faraway places can have a real impact on your life
  • Instantly feel like volunteering to help whenever there’s a humanitarian crisis somewhere in the world
  • Have a genuine interest in learning about other countries and cultures
  • Speak several languages and know that they are a key to understanding other cultures
  • Are accepting and respectful of other people’s cultures
  • Are at ease in whatever region of the world you happen to find yourself
  • Reject unproven urban myths and stereotypes of other nations and people
  • Hate racism, tribalism and narrow-minded nationalism
  • Believe knowledge should not only be acquired but also shared
  • Know most of the world’s history and can actually see it repeating itself
  • Are able to make friends everywhere in the world

True global citizens are willing to think beyond boundaries of country and identity and recognize all other citizens out there as their equals, and that humankind is essentially one and the same. They question everything, know how to let go of old preconceptions, and are masters in the art of “self-re-programming”. They have the ability to objectively and rationally see the world through a wide-angled lens. They are “sovereign” individuals who think freely without bias and prejudice using their own rationale and logic and empathy.

They travel to other countries to explore and learn about new cultures and to further integrate themselves in the world society. World citizenship is a progressive lifestyle and a somewhat revolutionary concept that involves taking risks while promoting analytic and independent thinking, and I truly believe that it is the future… So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to be a Citizen of the world?

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