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cheapest countries for travel 2017

Here Are 8 of the Cheapest Countries to Add to Your 2017 Travel Plans

Cheapest countries for travel 2017

You’ve done the research, so you already know that you can make budget traveling work. Now, you just have to figure out where to go! Cross Switzerland and St. Barths off your list because today we’re talking about some of the cheapest countries to visit in 2017! Bon Voyage my budget traveling friend!

First stop…

cheapest countries for travel 2017

1- Indonesia: Want to feel like royalty but only have a couple of dollars in your wallet? You’re in luck; Indonesia’s got you covered. Take advantage of the purchasing power of the almighty dollar; the IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) to dollar exchange rate is definitely in your favor. A full dinner can cost you all of ONE greenback! That’s enough reason to Eat, Pray, and LOVE this country, if you ask me!

cheapest countries for travel 2017

2- Nicaragua: Let’s step out of Asia for a second. If you’re interested in traveling a little off the beaten path, why not visit the literal heart of the American continent, Nicaragua? Word on the street is it’s the new Costa Rica. Go there for great sunsets, beautiful beaches, and outdoor adventure. The fact that you can find accommodations for just $6 is a major score!

cheapest countries for travel 2017

3- Bulgaria: I went with little expectations and was blown away by the country’s affordability, history, scenery, beaches, and nightlife. From wineries to snowy peaks to the Black Sea coast, it’s an adventure playground that every budget can afford. In Bulgaria‘s wine country you can get a full winery tour with multiple tastings, plus bread and cheese for about $5. This country definitely doesn’t get the full attention it deserves.

cheapest countries for travel 2017

4- South Africa: Have you been dreaming of going on a safari? This is the place to do it if you’re looking for a bit of a deal. While South Africa isn’t the cheapest country on this list, a dollar will still pack a punch; it’s worth almost double the South African rand. I say you use all that extra dough to go shark diving! If shark diving is a little bit too much for you, then there are a plethora of other adventure activities like cave hiking, waiting for you.

cheapest countries for travel 2017

5- Morocco: If you fancy the idea of African travel, but aren’t quite ready for safari, check out Morocco. Hostels are becoming popular so you’ll have a little more to spend at the souks, on magic carpets, and camel rides through the Sahara!

cheapest countries for travel 2017

6- Portugal: Wanna be the cool friend in your group? Get to Portugal fast! Portugal has got this cool undiscovered vibe to it, but I bet that won’t last for much longer. When everyone hears about the 60 cent coffee, they’ll be arriving in hordes. Come to Portugal if you’re looking for romantic beaches, calm river views, and quaint towns fully stocked with vintage trams.

cheapest countries for travel 2017

7- Colombia: If you’ve been watching a lot of Narcos on Netflix lately, you may have caught the Columbia bug. Lucky for us, today’s Colombia is nothing like that. And because of some pretty drastic changes in the value of the Colombian peso, you’ll find it to be a pretty inexpensive place to get your travel on. Don’t miss the rainforests and the tallest palm trees in the world!

cheapest countries for travel 2017

8- Bolivia: Currently the cheapest country in South America. Bolivia’s the place to go to escape it all. Most of the country is remote. It’s a place for the adventure traveler or photographer. If you can take a bit of isolation, don’t pass up the opportunity to snap some photos of the highest lake in the world or the famous surreal Bolivian salt flats. And since you will have gotten used to the high elevation at this point, why not head over to Peru next?

Sounds tempting doesn’t it? I hope this has helped you narrow down where to start your 2017 travel adventure, so now all you have to do is go forth and travel cheaply!


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